Boilerhouse technical risk assessments

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Boilerhouses inherently carry a high level of risk and need to be managed with care. GEMchem are specialists in delivering thorough and comprehensive technical assessments of these risks, and have a proven track record of compliance and training with our partners.

Regulation 3 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 (MHSWR) requires the completion of a suitable and sufficient risk assessment of the work activity in order to properly identify and adequately manage any risks. This is of central importance. The risk assessment should identify sensible measures to control identified risks that may otherwise result in injury or danger.

Services that we offer:

  • Boilerhouse Technical Risk Assessment, Steam Boilers 0.5BARG – 32BARG (BG01 Compliant)
  • Boilerhouse Technical Risk Assessment, Hot Water Boilers 110°C-400°C (BG02 Compliant)
  • Boilerhouse Technical Risk Assessment, Thermal Fluid systems (BG07 Compliant)
  • Boilerhouse Technical Risk Assessment, Temporary Steam and Hot Water Boiler Plant (BG08 Compliant)
  • Boilerhouse Schematic (Including Mandatory Gas Line Diagram) included with all Boilerhouse Technical Risk Assessments
  • Boiler Water Treatment Risk Assessment (BG04 Compliant)

  • View an example schematic

    “GEMchem has provided excellent support for the maintenance team at Quaker Oats with Boilerhouse risk assessments. They identified hazards and potential countermeasures in a clear and effective manner and worked well with the site team to implement improvements to equipment and procedures. GEMchem have always been available to support remotely and the quality of his advice is greatly appreciated” – Martin Beckford, Engineering and Sustainability Manager, Food Manufacturer

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