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HSE Guidelines State that employers must ensure all personnel possess sufficient knowledge of the boiler systems on which they work to perform their duties properly. All training should be a structured on-going process which is updated to keep pace with developing technology, equipment and legislation. Training should be reassessed periodically.

Our trainer has gained BOAS Accreditation (Category 2. Steam boiler’s without steam raising tubes) which is recognised by the Health and Safety Executive, the Safety Assessment Federation (SAFed) and Industry members through the Combustion Engineering Association.

Benefits of our courses

  • A complete understanding of all of the relevant aspects of the Boilerhouse
  • Confidence in safely starting the Boilerhouse plant and safely shutting the Boilerhouse plant down as and when required
  • Safely carry out all of the required daily and weekly Boilerhouse operations/tests to stay compliant with the relevant guidance/regulations
  • Confidence in carrying out any Boilerhouse operation/test
  • Be able to record the operation/test correctly
  • Know what to do if a test fails. For example, what counter measures need to be put in to place, what actions need to be taken
  • Know what to do in an emergency, for example, safely shutting down the Boilerhouse plant in a calm manner following site specific procedures

Courses on offer

  • Boiler Operating Training 1-day (Steam 0.5BARG – 32BARG)
    (This is refresher training course for experienced Boiler operators)
  • Boiler Operating Training 2-day (Steam 0.5BARG – 32BARG)
    (This is a comprehensive 2-day course for inexperienced Boiler operators)
  • Steam Generator Training 1-day
    (This is a 1-day training course for experienced and inexperienced steam generator operators)
  • Boiler Operator Training 1-Day (Hot Water 110°C – 400°C)
    (This is refresher training course for experienced Boiler operators)
  • Boiler Operator Training 2-Day (Hot Water 110°C – 400°C)
    (This is a comprehensive 2-day training course for inexperienced Boiler operators)

    • Training breakdown

      • The training course will be delivered on your site
      • The training will take into account both practical and theoretical elements. The theoretical element of the training will be classroom based, using a PowerPoint presentation, and an accompanying manual
      • The training manual will have site specific elements included
      • The practical tuition phase of the training course would ideally be completed in the Boilerhouse with access to as much of the operational plant as possible. From this, we shall be able to demonstrate the best practice methods of operation and identify key areas of the plant machinery and any hazards that need to be highlighted
      • On completion of the course there will be a written and practical examination
      • On successful completion a Training Certificate will be issued

    Steam Training Manual – Front Cover
    Training Manual example page – Scale formation

    “GEMchem has provided excellent support for the maintenance team at Quaker Oats with Boiler operator training. Feedback on the training from our technicians has been very positive, with Dave delivering an expert blend of classroom theory, practical examples and hands-on teaching in the Boilerhouse” – Martin Beckford, Engineering and Sustainability Manager, Quaker Oats

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