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  • We really do care about customer service and want to prove it
  • We can reduce the energy running costs
  • We will help to care for your plant as if it was our own
  • We would like to join you in a partnership in looking after your systems
  • We want to reduce wastage and increase efficiency wherever we can
  • We have a range of high quality market-leading products
  • We do what we promise to do when we say we will do it
  • We are ISO-9001:2015 certified by an accredited body


“Before we started using GEMchem we were suffering from corrosion problems and frequent breakdowns. Since changing we are seeing far less breakdowns and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable.  On balance they represent excellent value for money” – Technical Manager, Surface Treatment Co

“As an engineer in a laundry for over 20 years, I find GEMchem’s product to be really good.  On the annual inspection, we can easily wash down the inside of the boiler with a hosepipe to remove any of the powder deposit caused by our softener occasionally not working, no scraping of scale  is required as there is no hard scale.  It has also cut down on pipe wear a lot. “ – Chief Engineer, Laundry

“We have had the pleasure of using GEMchem over the last 3 years and I have been very impressed with what they have done for us.  Since we engaged them, our boilers have run a lot more smoothly, our blowdown have reduced and we have less condensate pipework repairs (saving us on our gas bills and maintenance costs).  The service is excellent, of a very high standard, and they are very reliable and eager to help. I am happy to recommend them and will continue to utilise their services in the future.” – Maintenance Manager, Food Factory, Glos

 “GEMchem have been involved here over the last few years on site at our food factory in Somerset.  The service we have had from them has been excellent. The GEMchem staff are always professional and courteous and ensure that all work is of a high standard and the site is kept well informed of the treatment program and any anomalies that may occur. I would recommend using GEMchem for your water treatment.” – Engineering Manager, Food Factory, Somerset

Due to ongoing problems with leaks with our copper pipes in our dryer steam heaters, we changed to Cetamine Treatment after consultation with GEMchem representatives.  Monthly boiler checks are carried out by GEMchem and a comprehensive report is received by ourselves.  Very pleased with all aspects of service and would not hesitate to recommend GEMchem to potential customers. – Factory Engineer, Northern Ireland Food Producer

The Trust are delighted with the results of using a single chemical on the water treatment we should have done this years ago, It has proved to be a huge success.  Many thanks.  – Environment Manager, London NHS  Hospital

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